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Friday October 13, 2017

Have You Ever Dreamt Of Being A Part Of The Magic At Hogwarts? Now Is Your Chance!

Have you ever Dreamt of being a part of the magic at Hogwarts? – Now is your chance! Apply to Hogwarts on September 1st at 10 am.  If you are chosen, you’ll receive a letter of acceptance via “owl” post.

Your Visit to Hogwarts

Enjoy A Delicious Themed Meal With Paired Cocktails By Tenacious Eats In The Dining Hall

Shop At Honeydukes And Olivanders

Visit With Real Owls In The Owlery

Receive Your Prophecy

Have Your Fortune Told In Professor Trelawney’s Classroom

Attend A Potions Class With Professor Snape

Play A Game Of Tabletop Quidditch

And Much More!

Ticketing Information

We will begin accepting applications for tickets on September 1st at 10am.


Choose a Level Below

Student Level $100 (75 Available):

  • Acceptance Letter From Hogwarts
  • Dine On A Themed Meal With Paired Cocktails
  • Receive Your Prophecy
  • Have Your Fortune Told
  • Visit The Owlery
  • “Shop” At Honeydukes And Olivanders
  • Attend A Potions Class
  • Play Tabletop Quidditch
  • Plus More Secret Surprises!

Prefect Level $150 (16 Available):

  • All Of The Student Perks Plus:
  • A Prefect Badge
  • A House Tie
  • An Official Wand
  • A “Fast Pass” To Skip The Lines For Each Station

Head Of House Level $200 (4 Available):

  • All Of The Student And Prefect Perks Plus:
  • A Head Of House Badge
  • Special Head Of House Chair At The Head Of Your House Table
  • Be Sorted By The Sorting Hat
  • Be Professor Snape’s Assistant In A Potions Class


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Throw your name into our digital Goblet of Fire and see if fate chooses you to attend this unique New Years Eve experience. Click on the image below!

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